Water Purification Systems

Should you be considering installing a Water Purification System for Retail Purposes, JHD Home Solutions will come to your premisses to do a free on site assesment in the Polokwane area. We will take a sample of your existing water supply and sent it to a lab at a minimal cost to determin the tipe of filtration you require to be able to dispense water to the public. 

Therefor you only pay for the equipment that is required for your current water supply. 

Home and Commercial water storage solutions

As most of us are aware the traditional Municipal water supply is becomming more and more unstable. JHD Home Solutions provides tailor made water storage systems for homes and busineses such as  fully automated, manual and moveable systems.

The tenant can have a water back up system that in no way makes any changes to the building or water supply of the premises that they are renting. Therefor should they deside to move the water system can be moved with them.  

JHD Home Solutions are proud to be the Only Accredited JoJo installer in Polokwane.