Electric Fence

JHD Home Solutions Supply, Install and Maintain Electric Fence for the following:

  • Residential Security – Deter, Detect and delay intruders
  • Commercial Security – Secure and Monitor Properties and Assets
  • Equine and Pet – Protect and secure Horses and Pets
  • Annimal Management – Confine and Protect stock
  • Infrastructure Security – High Security for critical infrastructure.

Commercial Electric Fencing

  • Covers longer runs
  • You can link energizers together to form zones.
  • On larger Properties you can have zone alarming via GPS Link.

Residential Electric fence

  • Deter, Detect and delay intruders
  • You can decide if you want all four your parimiters covered or part off.
  • Residential electric fences can be build up in stages
  • 6 line, 8line, 10line or 12 line fencing available to suite your needs.
  • Electric fence can be linked to your alarm system, G-remote or Smart Home System.