JHD supply and install Centurion as well as Dace gate motors.  We also do maintenance on almost all the gate motors on the market.

Tired of lost remotes? The Centurion G-Remote access control allow you to open your gate without any remote from where ever you are with a app on your phone. Experience complete convenience and control with the G-REMOTE mobile application, an intuitive command centre to monitor and activate your devices using only your smartphone.

No remotes, No fingerprints

  • Control from anywhere in the country
  • Activity logs
  • Gate status alarms – such as gate standing open, electric fence triggers and main power failure.
  • Up to 1500 users
  • Can be connected to almost all existing gate motors, traffic barriers, garage door operators, electric fence, alarm systems etc. (up to 4 separate electrical devices) Even a water reservoir.
  • Password protected

Timed Access Control

Domestic workers and Visitors:  You can set arrival and departure dates and times giving you maximum security. Your domestic worker will only be able to activate the device’s outputs between these limits.

As a special value-add developed specifically with B & B owners in mind, customised arrival and departure messages with welcoming messages, access instructions, etc., can be sent automatically to guests and visitors with the G-speak Ultra.

Alternatively, set weekly recurring time-periods (for example 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday) during which users will have access to the system. Outside of the configured time-periods, access will be denied.